More Behind the Scenes Photos from Kamp Kennedy’s Shoot for Garnier with Little Tree Vintage

More photos (courtesy of Melinda Martinez, also the makeup artist for the shoot!) from my shoot with Little Tree Vintage and celebrity hair stylist Tommy Buckett for Garnier‘s Marvelous Oils. Had a great time on set working with this amazing crew, as well as Publicis Kaplan Thaler and Glam Media. I can’t wait to share the finished product with everyone!

Huge thank you to Melinda for the fantastic bts photos. You can read Little Tree’s blog about the shoot here. .

kamp-kennedy-nyc-photographer-garnier-1 kamp-kennedy-nyc-photographer-garnier-2 kamp-kennedy-nyc-photographer-garnier-3 kamp-kennedy-nyc-photographer-garnier-4 kamp-kennedy-nyc-photographer-garnier-5 kamp-kennedy-nyc-photographer-garnier-6