Capturing the moment begins with creating the vibe.
Founded in 2016, Kontent Kamp is an award-winning creative boutique studio and production company, we bring our vision to your existing creative or offer soup to nuts strategy and ideation to create premium content. Kontent Kamp’s produces projects in all categories including commercials, branded, episodic, documentaries, films, print, and music videos. Partners Kamp Kennedy and Wendell Hanes have been collaborating since 2006 and bring a unique perspective to brands based on their years of experience as colleagues and friends. We’ve worked with large agencies as well as the small shops with an extensive client such as Loreal, Timex, SAP, Mitsubishi, P&G, and Rolling Stone. With in-house post-production capabilities, we see your project through to completion with a hands-on approach.

Kennedy and Hanes truly believe capturing the moments begins with creating a vibe. We are blessed to do what we do and keep the feeling on set calm, comfortable, and enjoyable while maintaining a laser focus on delivering the goods.
Wendell Hanes
Wendell Hanes is a multi-award winning tv and film Composer, and owner of Volition Sound in New York City. He scored Oscar Nominated Producer/director Lisa Cortes and Farah X's 6 time Award-Winning documentary "THE REMIX: HIP HOP X FASHION." Hanes is the Music Composer and Music Supervisor on the AWARD-WINNING NETFLIX SITCOM "FAMILY REUNION." In 2018 Hanes scored Oscar directors James Cameron and Louie Psihoyos' NETFLIX film "THE GAME CHANGERS.

Hanes also scored the NETFLIX Feature film release "FRESHMEN YEAR" which Hanes and his company VOLITION were nominated for BEST MUSIC SCORE. Known in the Television arena for having produced and arranged ESPN'S flagship musical themes for SPORTSCENTER, NFL COUNTDOWN, COLLEGE GAMEDAY, THE NBA, and HIGH NOON,

Hanes and his company branded the sound for high profile networks around the globe. Hanes has won every major award in Advertising including CLIOS, CANNES LIONS, EFFIES, ADDY'S, LONDON INTERNATIONAL AWARDS, ANDY'S, ONE SHOWS, and GOLDEN AWARD of MONTREAUX'S. With over 2,000 commercials, 35 Films scored and another 30 music supervised, Hanes has become a trailblazer when it comes to composing to picture.
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